Horizons: Pirates, Vikings and Knights II

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If you’re looking for a game like Team Fortress 2 that’s also based on Valve’s Source engine (like Garry’s Mod), but you find that to be lacking in the pirate department, here’s something you’re sure to enjoy: Pirates, Vikings and Knights II. The game is a lot like TF2 in that you play against others online (or on a local network), but this time you’re not using guns. Well, one or two, but only if you’re playing as a pirate. As a Monkey Island fan, you’ll probably want to do so, in which case you have several other weapons at your disposal, including a homicidal homing parrot. The other two classes, Vikings and Knights, are fun to play as well, and word is that all of them are getting a few extra characters to play with soon. Best of all, it’s free to play on Steam!

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