Horizons: Big Brain Wolf

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I love puzzles so after completing Puzzle Agent 2 in a few hours I found the game Big Brain Wolf on Steam and bought it to work as a fix to my endless hunger for puzzles. I’m going to be comparing it to Puzzle Agent 2 as a frame of reference. The story in Big Brain Wolf is stupid and one you probably won’t find yourself caring much about, but the puzzles are superb.

You play an asthmatic vegetarian wolf (haha…) who’s mother is arrested for murdering the queen. Your job is to prove her innocence and on the way you encounter several characters like Pinocchio, her lawyer. There’s also something about a sheep you fall in love with, some black sheeps, shameless pigs, and some called Charmings, which I think is like the police or something. The story is suitable for kids of all ages and they might enjoy it more than I did.

Despite the forgettable story the puzzles are very good and that is, after all, what’s important in a puzzle game. Here is where my comparison with Puzzle Agent 2 begins because I find the puzzles in BBW much better than those in PA2. (Get used to those abbreviations). I thought they were more diverse and challenging than those in PA2 and the developers of BBW were able to have both the puzzle AND the instructions on the screen at the SAME time. BBW also seems more polished because you can click on slmost anything and get the wolf to say something funny about it.

Hints also work differently in BBW than in PA2. You need keys to unlock hints and you earn these keys by doing various brain excersises. A very fun idea that makes you use hints only when you really need them because those keys are harder to get than gum.

A downside to this game is that is there no voice acting apart from very shortly in the beginning of the tutorial, which is odd. There are 6o puzzles divided equally in 5 chapters. If you hunger for puzzles, then check out Big Brain Wolf.

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