Horizons: Filming a Monkey Island Movie (2)

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Well, you finished your masterpiece, Hollywood loved it, George Lucas sent in some funds… Ron, Dave and Tim sent you a nice postcard …and you start planning the Sequel!

Of course, you need to bring back all your actors from the first movie, and pay them double to make sure they keep their roles until the end.

Now, you must cast new actors, find/make new costumes and decide upon new locations.

You will have to make a model (Lechuck’s Fortress) and blow it up. Talk to pyrotechnics. Or talk to some CGI-guys and make it all digital. It’s up to you!

Basically the costs double here and the original script needs trimming. You just cannot include all the little details without making it feel rushed. So you need to take care of the script… also talk to the composer for some new material.

Other than that. the visual style resembles the first Monkey Island game, so keep going with that. It is like filming two SoMI Movies… nothing different here. Oh, just make sure the last part gets the dramatic vibe it needs since it is one of the most dramatic moments in MI history.

Honestly, you’re better off filming The Curse of Monkey Island. It’s shorter, it’s easier and it has less people in it. 🙂 But more on that, next week!

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  1. mister bier says:

    i think even with a “Hollywood-Budget” its hard to make a good movie of this. I think you should make a triology out of this game, this could work. or a tv series. this would be great.

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