Review: Hector: Badge of Carnage – Episode 2

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In Hector: Badge of Carnage – Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice we return to Clappers Wreake to help guide our anti-hero to success in finding the terrorist. The game picks up exactly where the first episode ended which had Hector attempting to eat a slice of pizza while having a gun pointed at him. The first few minutes of the episode acts as a tutorial, but ends quickly when Hector shouts at the helpful text to go away. This is followed by a segment where you play both as Hector and his not-so-bright assistant, Lambert. You can switch between the characters and they can send items to each other as they attempt together to solve a larger puzzle.

In the majority of the game you still play as Hector though as you get closer to finding the terrorist.  The humor is just as lewd, sleazy, and delicious as the first episode. All the locations are new except one single screen that you’ll pass by very fast. You’ll encounter places like a nail salon that also sells weapons, a very bloody butcher shop, and a church turned into a sex club with a pole-dancing nun. The voice acting is as hilarious as the first time around and this time they actually got a woman to do the voice for the females. I really enjoy the humor in this game, but it’s not for everyone and if you disliked the first episode then this won’t win you over because it’s more of the same.

Getting from one location to another is much easier in this episode as a map has been included and you can easily jump from place to place without walking trough a lot of screens. The puzzles are good without being too easy or too hard. There is of course the built-in hint system for the weak and you can also discuss your problems with Lambert and he provides a seemingly stupid suggestion, but it’s actually a hint in disguise. I want to avoid spoilers, so I’m not going to give any specific examples…although I really want to! No! Ok, I’ll say this, one involves blowing up a toilet full of feces. Ah, I got it out of my system (no pun intended).

This episode is longer than the previous one, I would say it’s at least twice as long, maybe more. The soundtrack and sound effects are not worth mentioning, but you don’t realy notice as the main focus is the voice and jokes, especially Hector’s hoarse voice and indifferent tone. The highlight of the episode is of course if you look at a skull doubling as a pencil holder and Hector asks ‘Murray?‘.


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