Horizons: Warcraft Adventures

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If you play World of Warcraft (like Ron Gilbert and myself) then you are probably know many of the essential characters in the Warcraft lore. Maybe you even played some of the Warcraft RTS games. However, did you know that about 14 years ago Blizzard was working on an adventure game called Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans? By the sound of the title this could have been the first in a series of adventures set in the Warcraft world. The game was set to be released in 1997, but was delayed to late 1998 due to several development problems.

In May of 1998 the game was canceled because several sequenced of the game had to be be rewritten which would involve more ani9mation and more voice work. Bill Roper (producer) also felt the game looked dated when compared to Curse of Monkey Island which had been released the year before and the announcement 0f Grim Fandango sporting a 3D engine. These statements were mentioned again by Mike Morhaime (president and co-founder of Blizzard) during an interview at last week’s Blizzcon.

Read more about the canceled game on Wikipedia which also has some links to YouTube videos that have surfaced in the last couple of years.

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