Treasure Huntin’ with us and Telltale!

August 14th, 2009 by | 12 comments


Remember the Treasure Hunt feature Telltale launched? Now it’s time to find the next map and we have the honor of hiding it from you!  The map  piece is hidden somewhere on all sites of the WMI family, which includes this very blog, World of Monkey Island, and the Monkey Island wiki.

None of them are particular obvious, but I know us adventure fans like a good challenge so I’ve hidden them well, but you only need to find one of the maps, so if you can’t locate it one of the sites, try on one of the other sites.

The prize? I won’t tell you, but in the words of Telltale ‘It’s got fun content for the series‘. So start huntin’!

If you find the map and click it, don’t worry if you can’t see it on your treasure page right away. You might have to scroll to the right a few times with the little red arrow to see it. It will of course also be in the game when you fire up chapter 1 and start scouring the jungle of Flotsam Island.

Want some hints? Really? You disappoint me! Alright, here are some subtle hints where to find the map:

On this here blog you’ll find it with the source of much rejoicing.
On World of Monkey Island it hides below three pirates.
On the Monkey Island wiki it can be found in the place where you meet them all.

See, it’s almost too easy now. Good luck!

P.S. Even if you find the map on one of the sites, try finding them on the other sites as well for the fun of it and the feeling of achievement. Of course, there is also the added bonus of getting to show off to everyone else!

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12 Responses to “Treasure Huntin’ with us and Telltale!”

  1. Haggis says:

    Fun! 😀

  2. threepy says:

    Found it on two of the sites. 🙂 Out of pure principle I want to find the one at WoMI. Off to ToMI for now though. 🙂

  3. threepy says:

    Cool, neat prize.

  4. Marzhin says:

    I found the three of them 🙂 It was fun ^^
    And the prize is very cool.

  5. Edward van Helgen says:

    I found one on Mix’nMojo too!

  6. Dave says:

    I can’t find any 🙁

  7. haydenwce27 says:

    I’ve found 6, 7 & 8 (as well as 1 & 2 when the whole treasure hunting thing just started). Are there any more yet?

    • acyclic says:

      wait… where did you find 6? The treasure hunting is kind of fun, but I guess I’m not looking out for clues as much as I need to be…

  8. Peter says:

    I foud map 8 on miwiki, worldofmi and on mixnmojo…
    but I haven’t found it here…

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