Argentine journalist in epic grog fail

August 29th, 2009 by | 27 comments

We all love grog, right? That tasty drink based on rum, with some lemon juice, cinnamon, sugar, or whatever else you want to put in it. Of course, nobody in their right mind would drink the stuff you’d get when mixing up the Monkey Island recipe, as described by the important-looking pirates in The Secret of Monkey Island.

But a reporter from Argentina seems to think that’s exactly what young people do these days. During his ‘investigation’ on Facebook, he came across an especially shocking recipe for an alcoholic drink that young people in Argentina drink these days. Called ‘Grog XD’ (note the failure to recognize the smiley on the reporter’s part), it’s basically the Monkey Island grog mixture, with a few ingredients removed. The joke was lost on the ‘journalist’, as you can see:

Thanks to Matunga for sharing this with the world.

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27 Responses to “Argentine journalist in epic grog fail”

  1. haydenwce27 says:

    “How do you walk around without a brain?”
    – Murray

  2. Irishmile says:

    You know when news programs sensationalize things and make it seem like all the “cool” kids are doing it….. That is when kids actually start doing it.

  3. deBolivia says:

    WTF!!! Be careful, we attack the Ghost Pirate Voodoo

  4. Soge says:

    LOL, stupid News Writers. XD

    They could have googled, to avoid this shame ^^

  5. Edmundito says:

    Those damn kids! They forgot the secret ingredient:


  6. Sooker says:

    That happens when you try too hard…
    What a loser.

  7. Leonardo says:

    As an Argentinian, I have to say this is more scary than hilarious. This DUMB kind of journalists are those giving shape to our public opinion. Right after that, a well known TV-medic asked “what is SCUMM?”

    It gives me creeps.

  8. SilverWolfPet says:

    This…is …not …real! I can’t believe this!
    No offense but I actually started looking closely for a sign that this is a fake story. The video doesn’t seem to have been tampered with… and still, with all due respect for Argentinians, how STUPID can this reporter be?!?!
    Hillarious!! And so…so sad..

  9. Gandalf says:

    I’m Argentinian too… no offense taken. He’s THAT stupid 😛
    And Leonardo is right… is kinda scary, but also one of the biggest laughs I ever had. Couldn’t believe my eyes.


  10. threepy says:

    That is shockingly idiotic. You can tell that dumbass was either desperate for a story, or too stupid to actually research when he is investigating.

  11. Gus says:

    Now here’s a report from a comedy TV show about the gaffe. Look at the end, there’s a nutritionist commenting about the Grog! Haha!

    • Sooker says:

      Hahaha, this is even better..
      Why did noone had the idea to google the whole recipe..
      Would have become pretty clear even to them.
      (And when he googled SCUMM he must have clearly ignored the first to pages pointing to the ScriptCreationUtility…)

  12. Hande says:

    XD OMG! Such epic fail. I can’t believe this.

    I saw another South American news network (don’t remember which) showing clips of Lost while covering a real air-traffic disaster. I think you can find that on Fail Blog on YouTube.

  13. joe says:

    He has a life so he does not play videogames or use the internet all the day!

  14. haydenwce27 says:

    Why is it that all of the stupid people are allowed on television while the people with a reasonable IQ and some common sense do not?

  15. Edmundito says:

    Oh wait…

    Yeah, what is SCUMM? Sorry, it’s only en Argentino.

  16. Atilio says:

    The news in Argentina are managed by a big monopoly, very oposite in every way to the government, you don’t have a single independant journalist, to sad 🙁

    And the nutritionist that speaks at the end is suposed to be an eminence XD

    I want my GROG!!!

  17. Chief05 says:

    Well… next comes the documentary report about the three-headed monkey and the biography of a legendary mighty pirate called “G. Threepwood”. xD

    • Sooker says:

      “It’s really shocking to see young people these days worshipping a brutal pirate called “G.Threepwod XD”.
      You may notice the same XD as in the grog recipe, supposely this “XD” is another new underground movement of young people that totally lost track of our humanitarian values. What do you have to say to that, Mr.Expert?” –
      “Well it’s sad to see that young people clearly misunderstand how brutal und bloodthirsty pirates were these days. I googled the name “Guybrush Threepwood” and was shocked to find 232.000 results. Clearly a new youth-subculture is forming around this pirate”


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