‘I would love to do another Monkey Island game’

September 9th, 2009 by | 6 comments

If you watch this video interview from Giant Bomb, you can hear Ron Gilbert, purveyor of all things Monkey Island, talk about his new game, DeathSpank. It will no doubt be very cool, but what’s most interesting to Monkey Island fans here, is the bit right at the end. You can hear Ron utter the words that grace the title of this blog post.

Another Monkey Island game with Ron Gilbert… hmmm…

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6 Responses to “‘I would love to do another Monkey Island game’”

  1. justme says:

    the interviewr looks nervous… why? gilbert seems like a friendly guy.

  2. haydenwce27 says:

    Good interview! It’s good to know that Deathspank will have puzzles and dialogue in it, I might actually buy it now! It’s also great to hear Gilbert say that he would LOVE to do another Monkey Island game! I really hope that he does contribute to one of the future Monkey Island games (assuming there will be one)!

  3. Sooker says:

    To be honest: I just don’t see a big difference between the MI Games Gilbert produced and the later ones.
    I would really like a new monkey island, but I don’t really care if it’s with Ron Gilbert or without him..

    Now.. keelhaul me 😀

    • Hande says:

      I agree. He’s done awesome games but the later ones aren’t lesser adventure-games without him. Yes, even Escape (do I need to remind people that one of that game’s creators is also a founding member of Telltale). I think fans ought to be overjoyed that he had his creative input in Tales but I don’t honestly care if Gilbert has anything to do with any potential future titles.

      Here’s a thought, bring Ahern and Ackley back. If Tim Schafer got another whack at a Monkey Island game that’d be awesome, though he’s now very busy with his own stuff (eagerly waiting for Brütal Legend).

  4. Marzhin says:

    Ron Gilbert looks a bit like Robert De Niro ^^’

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