On Stranger Tides: the movie

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The title of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, slated for release in the summer of 2010, has been revealed: On Stranger Tides. Wait a minute, wait a minute! Where have we heard that before? Here. It’s also the title of a book by Tim Powers, cited by Ron Gilbert as an inspiration for Monkey Island. What could this all mean? Is the next Pirates film going to be based on the book? Will we see even more similarities with Monkey Island? Could it be that Disney now want a taste of the current Monkey Island success? Maybe not, but this is sure something to keep an eye on.

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6 Responses to “On Stranger Tides: the movie”

  1. haydenwce27 says:

    I am a little worried that it may be a little too similar to MI but I am excited about seeing another Pirates of The Caribbean!

  2. threepy says:

    The 2nd and 3rd PotC were a letdown. The book On Stranger Tides however is fantastic, and even if it means that PotC4 will be even more like Monkey Island, if it is even vaguely based on the book I’ll be happy-it had a good plot and some great characters.

    Seems a very odd choice however since On Stranger Tides itself would make an awesome pirate movie, and blending it with PotC would stop the chance of this movie happening. If it is not based on the book in any way…odd choice for the name of the movie.

  3. haydenwce27 says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Jack Sparrow again!

  4. Hande says:

    I guess this means they scrapped the whole Fountain of Youth concept. That’s very interesting none the less and another movie for me to look forward (not that there aren’t plenty already).

  5. threepy says:

    Not read On Stranger Tides in 4-5 years but isn’t it about the search for the Fountain of Youth?

    This idea beats all the rumours of PotC4 going to Atlantis and all sci-fi.

  6. Jake says:

    Yeah On Stranger Tides is about a bunch if pirates who are out to find the fountain of youth, via trickery and voodoo. It’s good.

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