The Monkey Island code

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…because that computer game is most likely incomplete. As demonstrated by Adam Bormann, one of the designers on The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, there are some lines in the original SCUMM code of the game that didn’t show up in the final product. For an overview of the deleted and extended scenes, check out the LucasArts Workshop blog. The Secret™ isn’t revealed, but it’s an interesting peek behind the scenes nonetheless.

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  1. Glos says:

    WOW it’s a shame that they didn’t do an option in SE “original” and “extended” so everyone could see those scenes(Spiffy was included in this new release)… This only shows how many great ideas Ron had! 🙂

  2. haydenwce27 says:

    It would’ve been great to have those pieces of dialogue in the game! I loved the piece of dialogue on the dock with Guybrush, Carla, Meathook and Otis!

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