IGN picks top 10 LucasArts adventures, messes up

November 18th, 2009 by | 7 comments


IGN has published a list of what they think are the ten best LucasArts adventure games. Unfortunately, Monkey Island gets a meagre 7th and 6th place with the first two games in the legendary series. Towards the top, it seems to turn into a Tim Schafer love fest, with the top 3 games being Tim’s creations. There’s no accounting for taste of course, and I think most of us can agree with Grim Fandango taking the top spot, but some more Monkey loving would have been appreciated. Where’s The Curse of Monkey Island, for instance?

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7 Responses to “IGN picks top 10 LucasArts adventures, messes up”

  1. haydenwce27 says:

    One of the MI’s needs to be in the number 1 spot. I have a great love for Grim Fandango but I doesn’t top any of the Monkey Island games (no, not even EfMI), in my opinion.

  2. Hande says:

    Good for GF, definitely the Best LucasArts game but definitely Curse of Monkey Island should have been on here. Then again, Monkey Island is LucasArts’ longest running series of adventure games and they [b]did[/b] include two games on the list out of a potential four, though I think it says a lot about the people who made the list that it happened to be the first two.

    But yeah, even I would have liked CMI to be second. As much as I like Full Throttle, it would still only be third, tops, on a good day.

  3. Sheepgood says:

    It does state that the list is in no particular order if that counts for anything, but I agree Curse should have been on there somewhere..

  4. Readmore says:

    IGN: Rather than rank these from best to super-best, we’ve laid them out our faves chronologically. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to rank one higher than another. But if you’ve got the guts to do that, make sure to vote in our poll above.

  5. Haggis says:

    They should really remove the numbers if it’s just a chronological list. And since it is, there’s not reason to confine yourself to the magical number 10. You could name them all, or each editor could name one or two favourites. Right now it’s just a mess of an article, with several grammatical and spelling errors to boot.


  6. Dalixam says:

    ‘…a new audience thanks to Telltale’s recent remake of The Secret of Monkey Island.’

    Telltale didn’t do the remake of SMI. Get your facts straight!

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