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Alexandra and Elaine

The End of the season coming closer, we don’t really know when we’ll have the joy of seeing and hearing these people again. Alexandra Boyd, the actress who lended her voice to Elaine in SoMI, CoMI and ToMI, was kind enough to share her thoughts with us regarding the experience she had in the past five months. Thank you!

“(…)I’ve seen some Halloween costumes for Elaine and Guybrush on line. I’d love if they came trick or treating to my house…”

SilerWolfPet: Hi Alexandra!
I’m sure the fans would like to know your thoughts on the 4th and 5th episode from Tales, so let’s begin the Interview of the Century-y-y-y-y!

You can’t really compare being a gold statue with being poxed and shouting at monkeys, but how do you feel Elaine has changed and evolved as a character?

Alexandra Boyd: It’s nice to be out of that statue for sure – plus I have more lines when I’m not being ‘statuesque’. I feel that Elaine has always been fiesty though, don’t you?
SWP: Yep! It sure is nice to see her more than once or twice per game. Do you like her new/emerging personality traits?
A.B.: Yes. She certainly knows how to stand up for herself against LeChuck. And sorting out Guybrush when he’s not being too bright!!

SWP: Haha! Even though you never played the games so much, what do you think of Guybrush?
A.B.: He’s an all round nice sort of guy. Affable. Not always the smartest maybe, but he has Elaine to keep him on track!

SWP: Would you marry a guy like him in real life? I mean, what do you think Elaine sees in him as being so charming?
A.B.:  I tend to like more ‘take charge’ kinda guys, so I guess the answer to that is ….no? Maybe Elaine likes to be in charge!! I think she does, don’t you?

SWP: True and it’s also funny when she and Guybrush have disputes. Hmmm, at the end of Chapter 4, how did you cope with the idea that Guybrush dies? Was it difficult for you to act that scene, to get all emotional and teary-eyed?
A.B.:  Yes, of course. But it’s quite hard sometimes anyway, because I don’t record with the other voice actors. The director explains how the scene is set up and what the context of the lines might be depending on what has gone before. The parts are all recorded separately – Dominic and I have never met can you believe? So I always have to use lots of imagination when I’m performing Elaine.

SWP: You’ve done a brilliant job out of it! Also, you exchanged lines with Earl Boen once more, for the first time in the last 10 years. And these were no “I’m washing my hair tonight”-lines… It’s basically the first time Elaine confronts LeChuck, with cutlass and Arghs! How does that make you feel?
A.B.: It was great – but as I said, I record all alone in a studio in London!! They patch me through to California via Skype!

SWP: Right. Just one more episode to go and it’s over. Any thoughts on that?
A.B.: Well… never say never….who knows if it’s over!!

SWP: If someone, somewhere, someday, makes a Monkey Island Movie (animated and/or live action) would you like to give life to Elaine in that form too?
A.B.: I would yes, of course. Although the only similarity we have physically is our red hair! And our voice of course 😉

SWP: Have you ever wielded a sword/ dueled/ acted all piratey for Halloween (or for whatever reason you saw fit)?
A.B.: No I haven’t? I’ve seen some Halloween costumes for Elaine and Guybrush on line. I’d love if they came trick or treating to my house….

SWP: That would be an awesome moment! How is working with the guys from Telltale? Have you met any of them? Any anecdotes related to that?
A.B.: As I don’t live in LA anymore, I only hear the voices of the animators and the director in CA via Skype. It’s very usual to record animation that way as coordinating every actor’s schedule can be challenging. Then it’s down to a skilled director who can fill me in on what has gone before and tell me the tone or inflection that Elaine might have in response…

SWP: And the final question, after seeing the MI tributes, would you say I am as handsome as Guybrush?
A.B.: Haha!! That’s a cheeky question!!

SWP: Thank you so much for your time, Alexandra. Let’s hope the guys at Telltale will give us a second season soon! How does this title sound: Tales of Monkey Island – Elaine Kicks Butt!
A.B.: LOVE that title! You should suggest it!!

Best wishes,

SWP: So, there it is, friends! Let’s take Alexandra’s advice and “never say never” to a possible second season of Tales of Monkey Island! Let’s all hope the guys at Telltale read this 🙂

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  1. punkmario says:

    LONDON, thats only a 4 – 5 hour bus ride away for me…..damn, just missed halloween, and my guybrush costume wont be ready till january,…well theres always next year,

    and kudos SWP, easily becoming one of my fav MI websites !

    not to mention telltale forum dweller also!

  2. puzzlebox says:

    Nice interview! Always interesting to hear the actor’s take on their character and the recording process. Alexandra Boyd really is the definitive Elaine – let’s hope she’ll be Skyping to CA again in the near future!

  3. BeeKay84 says:

    Awesome interview! It’s really a pity Alexandra and the other cast members never even met, like Dominic or Earl. They really should some day, I’m sure it would be fun! 😉

  4. nathan says:

    i would love to see that monkey island movie but what are they gonna do because PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN HAS TAKEN ALL THEIR IDEaS!!!!!

  5. Timothy Greene says:

    Tales of Monkey Island is written better then Pirates of the Carribean. Monkey Island is actually funny and entertaining but Johnny Deps drunk pirate? I was tired of it after 15 minutes. I turned it off.

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