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Nicki and Morgan

Who is sweet and adorable but can also be strong and all-piratey? No, it’s not me! …silly fans! It’s Nicki Rapp, the great voice actress who gave life to Morgan LeFlay!

Nicki was very happy to answer to our interview questions. As you will see, we, the fans, were not the only ones who were extremely excited about Monkey Island coming back. Read on to find out why!

“Morgan is very smart and tough, but also pretty vulnerable – I do like spending time with her (…) Ha! I do read the forums and frankly I am shocked!! ”

SilverWolfPet: Hi Nicki! How are you?

Nicki Rapp: Hi Andrei, I’m very well!  How are you?

SWP: I’m fine, a bit nervous though… 🙂 X-Mas is coming, did you make the list for Santa yet? (mine’s ready since February). What did you write on top of the list?

N.R.: Santa has always been very good to me- this year I hope he brings me more work so I can travel in 2010!

SWP: Hihihi! I hope your wish comes true. I’m sure the fans would love to know your view over this wonderful experience of becoming part of the Monkey Island Universe.  How much did you know about Monkey Island before getting the part of Morgan LeFlay? Have you played the games, read articles about them?

N.R.: I really didn’t know much about the game when I was cast, except that Tim Schafer was a co-creator in the old days so I knew it was gonna be cool. Little did I know how amazing it would become! Several of my friends have played in the past, and they’ve been really excited about this whole new story, and I’m right there with them now.  I do read articles and the reviews, and I love perusing the forum. There is so much out there!

SWP:  Yep! Most of the fan artworks are really amazing too, not to mention the fact that everyone seems to like Morgan. How did you cope with your character? Do you like Morgan?Any resemblance to your personality?

N.R.: I was completely over the moon when I found out I was cast – it was a huge surprise and I’m still excited about it!  Morgan is very smart and tough, but also pretty vulnerable – I do like spending time with her.  As far as our resemblances, I took fencing in Drama School but I definitely do not have her moves. ha!
I think we are alike in certain aspects (humor and vulnerability) but mostly she is just way cooler 🙂

SWP: What do you love most about Morgan and what do you dislike about her?

N.R.: I love Morgan’s intelligence, vulnerability and sarcasm. Despite being a malicious killer, I don’t really dislike anything about her. A girl with mad skills like that needs to make a buck somehow …

SWP: That’s a nice way of putting it. :-p What do you think about Guybrush? Have you become a fan of him now?

N.R.: Oh that Guybrush. So dorky! I’m a sucker for the clever, witty dorks. I do like him, and I can see why Morgan does too.  I know he is married to Elaine (whatever) … but c’mon! It was so obvious they should have made out! He isn’t the brightest, but he seems to muddle through and get it together for the most part.

SWP:  Hmmm… There were some speculations on the Telltale Forums regarding Morgan and LeChuck, teaming up in the last chapter. What do you think about that (even if you know what really happens)?

N.R.: LeChuck is quite a presence … I can only imagine what would happen if they got together!

SWP: Telltale would then have to make a whole new chapter! Ha! Speaking of chapters, in chapter four Morgan dies. When you read the script, how did that make you feel? Was it hard, from an actress’ point of view, to record that scene?

N.R.: This was a tough day for sure… I love that the Telltale Team constructed this story with some dramatic ups and downs. I usually play kids in games, so dying is not something I get to do often-  it was very well written and directed. Getting the chance to really delve into emotions in a video game is a special treat- I loved the challenge. I was traveling when the episode came out so I didn’t get to experience Chapter 4 until I got home about a week ago… it was beautiful and sad. Very well done, and I could tell it really affected you guys. I think Dominic totally rocked the scene.

SWP:  It was emotional, I admit I got teary eyed. Telltale surprised us once more with that scene.  How was working with the Telltale crew?
N.R.: Oh, I love these guys! Bay Area Sound and Studio Jory deserve a huge shout out as well… sessions were always so much fun. They are all consummate professionals and pretty goofy too. Loved every moment.
SWP: By the way, you said that you read the forums, right?  You already know that the fans love your character and everybody thinks that Morgan fits perfectly in the MI Saga. Do you have any message for the fans, anything you’d want to tell them?

N.R: Ha! I do read the forums and frankly I am shocked!! Morgan is very popular, especially for her “brains”. You guys!
I love that she has been accepted and embraced into such a beloved story, and all the great fan art and speculation is fantastic!  Being a part of this whole Monkey Island business is something I will never forget. It has definitely been one of my favorite experiences.

SWP: Personally, I don’t think Morgan will remain dead. She’s smart, she’ll find a way out of this one too. In case Telltale makes a second season, can we count on you on lending your voice to Morgan for another five episodes?

N.R.: Anytime Telltale wants me around, I will be there.

SWP: Quick question – What would Morgan say about our site,

N.R.: I get paid for that kind of information. ha! You think I’m gonna tell you for free?

SWP:  Well, can’t blame a pirate for trying! :)) I’m kidding, of course. One last question… have you seen my Monkey Island tributes? They’re a tribute to you as well, being part of this great experience and giving life to one of my favorite characters.  Do you think I’m as handsome as Guybrush? 😀

N.R.: Wow! Those are brilliant!!! hahaahaa!! Aren’t you a sassy Romanian 😉 I think you are lovely and super funny- so creative! It’s very cool that the game inspires you too.

SWP: (blushes) Aww, shucks… Thanks…
N.R.: Andrei, thanks again for honoring me with this interview…
SWP: Thank YOU, Nicki, for honoring us with your answers, your voice and your character!

N.R.:   🙂

SWP:  Well,dear fans,  that was a great interview with plenty of cool stuff you can tell your grandchildren when they’ll ask you again and again
“Tell me the story of the fearsome Morgan LeFlay, Grandpa!”
 and you reply “Of course, but you must know this, Billy, Morgan LeFlay took all her skills and strengths from someone greater than her.”
“Greater than Morgan, Grandpa? Who?”
“Why, Nicki Rapp, of course! Nicki Rapp…”
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  1. BeeKay84 says:

    Once again, great interview! Ha, ha, you and your questions! 😀 It was funny to read what Nicki had to say about all the guys appreciating Morgan’s “brains” in the forums…

  2. nicki says:

    Wow, this is sooo cool!! Thank you Andrei!

  3. haydenwce27 says:

    Ha, she’s pretty cool! I really hope that Morgan will appear in RotPG!

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