Fear not, Wii users, it’s almost here…

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You’ve had to wait quite a while for it, but now there is a sign of hope: Nintendo have not forgot about Tales of Monkey Island! A list has been published saying that the fifth and final chapter is slated for a Q1 2010 WiiWare release. No more details at present, but rest assured that you will be able to play The Rise of the Pirate God on your Wii before April (but probably sooner).

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5 Responses to “Fear not, Wii users, it’s almost here…”

  1. Hande says:

    Thanks for the news, Haggis.

    Probably it’ll be out this or next week but it is really annoying Nintendo couldn’t keep up any sort consistency for the European Wii release-dates.

    The first episode came out 31.7. on the same week as the PC and the US Wii release. Episode two came out on 25.9., roughly a month after the PC and US Wii release. I lost track of the Wii releases in US after that but episode three was released on 6.11. roughly a week and one month since the last episode and the fourth one was released 11.12. so a little over a month after the previous one.

    Nintendo seems to have gotten back on track but it’s already been almost two weeks and month since the last episode. But I remain in good fait, ought to come out in January. If not though I hope there’ll be a good reason for delaying it (such as fixing bugs, something they ought to have done with Episode 4).

    • Haggis says:

      Well, on the Telltale forums it was mentioned that the holiday period also messed up the schedule, but still, the whole idea was to release these games monthly, and Nintendo hasn’t managed to keep up, sadly. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson for future episodic releases!

      • Hande says:

        I hope so too because this exact same thing happened with [i]Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People[/i]. 😛

  2. Patiently Waiting says:

    I guess we’ll all have to play “Muscle March” while we wait.

    Seriously, if you don’t know what that is, do yourself a favour and google it.

    I haven’t even played episode 4 yet, because I didn’t want to have to wait for ep. 5!

  3. asterismW says:

    Before April. Fantastic. If I’d have known I’d have to wait so long for the episodes to be released on Wii, I would have opted for the PC version. This is ridiculous, Nintendo. Expedite the game already. Does anyone really care if Muscle March or ShadowPlay gets pushed back a little to put RotPG at the head of the line? We’ve been waiting six weeks, and now it will be at least a week more!

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