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For those of you who WAS been with us for this week, we WAS very happy to bring you these clarifications from the Telltale Team. Here is the last interview, with Sean Vanaman, designer and writer for Tales of Monkey Island.

Many many many thanks to Chris Schmidt, the PR genius from Telltale, who helped us organise these interviews. Maybe this last interview WAS not what you WAS expecting, being focused more on the company rather than the game itself, but check out the first answer. It may be just a way to interpret Sean’s answer, we’re not trying to over-analyze this or to get your hopes high, but the words “at this time” sound pretty good in that sentence. 🙂 We’re not saying it means anything, it just sounds cool, check it out!


SWP: What was the point of the Rock of Gelato?

SV:  Well, other than being the jumping off point of our journey (a journey, I remind you, happened in the middle or sort of towards the end of a previous adventure) there’s not much to say about the Rock of Gelato at this time – it could just be a rock in the Caribbean or it could be LeChuck was headed there for a reason…

SWP: Where did Morgan’s body go!?

SV: Why?! What do you want with it?! DESPICABLE.

SWP: Did you expect such a warm welcome from the fans?

SV: I wouldn’t say we expected it, but we thought we’d made a good game and we hoped people would like it.  Luckily they did! Even the criticism or questions fans had were so rarely negative that reading the forums and interacting with fans was a real treat the entire time.

SWP: Do you have anything to say to the fans?

SV: Thank you for buying the game, for one.  Thanks a million.  And for thanks for being so engaged for five, almost six months.  I hear if you buy a SECOND copy of the series, Mark Darin will come to your house and give you one of his patent-pending pirate hugs.  (This might not be true)

SWP: Were you surprised about some of the speculation inbetween the episodes? Like, for example, the massive Kate Capsize Conspiracy?

SV: Totally.  Especially, thanks to Twitter, there was kind of a cat let out of the bag concerning the “mystery voice” at the end of Chapter 1.  Nevertheless, the forums were relentless: they kept on the Kate Capsize thread despite indisputable evidence that it was Morgan, a new character.  I loved that.  We were all bummed for five or ten minutes, thinking we’d accidentally spoiled our cliff-hanger, but the fans just kept going with it, which was awesome.

SWP: Do you have any tips for budding writers?

SV: Read like crazy and write because you enjoy it.  Don’t take yourself too seriously. Figure out how you work best and spend more time writing things that sound distinctively like you and not like you’re trying to sound brilliant.  I still get caught in the “this has to be great” trap.  Don’t let yourself.  If you’re enjoying writing and really having fun, it’ll come across in your work.

SWP: Do you create any special circumstances to get in the groove, like putting on music or lighting candles, or covering yourself in yak butter?

SV: I ran out of yak butter pretty early on. Your question does actually get at the heart of what I just said: figuring out how you work best.  I did a ton of MI writing in two cafes in San Francisco (Dolores Park Café in the Mission and Café LaFlore right next door to my house).  I listened to the LeChuck’s Revenge soundtrack a lot.  I’ve always like to work at night.  That’s just my process.

I have lots of little tricks for “finding” Guybrush – especially when he’s sort of a jerk.  That’s my favorite aspect about his character, actually.  The fact that he gets perfectly nice people fired or will steal a pegleg or not think twice about getting a whole crew devoured by a manatee.  Despite being aloof and generally a nice fella, he has this biting tone to him where he’s often the smartest, meanest guy in the room.  But to answer your question: I generally like to write around people and my preparations are more mental: I have to be snappy and feel like I’ve got a smartass response for everything.

SWP: How do you guys feel at the end of the season? How was the experience for you? Who’s your favorite new character?

SV: We all feel great – some more than others (as my work was done after writing some bits of Rise of the Pirate God and others put in lonnng hours up until ship).  We’re all proud of the game.  We were really hitting our stride, as you can see in “Rise.”  For me, personally, it was a dream to work on a Monkey Island game.  Even when I didn’t think I’d get a script done on time or worked long hours, I was still working on of my all-time favorite things.  As for new characters, I would say Morgan was my favorite to write for.  She’s complex and sort of tragic and while not the funniest character, she really gave us some good dramatic juice at various points in the series.  But who am I kidding. It’s WINSLOW.  That salty dog.  The tone Mark struck with Winslow in Chapter 2 was brilliant.  THE MAP SIR! Man…

SWP: Thanks Sean! This was an awesome week! Some fans suggested that we should ask Ron Gilbert for an interview. Why not? 🙂 We’ll try.

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