Rise of the Pirate God. On WiiWare. February 1.

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Finally, the moment many of you have been waiting for is at hand. The final chapter of Tales of Monkey Island, which has long been released for PC, will be coming to WiiWare in the US on the first of February. The European release is likely to follow soon after, maybe on the following Friday? Anyway, Wii owners can stop pulling their hair in despair now!

Update: It has just been confirmed by Telltale that the fifth Tales of Monkey Island chapter will indeed be coming to European WiiWare this Friday.

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5 Responses to “Rise of the Pirate God. On WiiWare. February 1.”

  1. Hande says:

    Well, either Finland doesn’t have the same Wii Shop as the rest of Europe or Telltale was wrong. Either way, no TOMI Chapter 5. 🙁

  2. David E says:

    Sorry, we got the wrong info about the release date. We’ll let you know the for-sure date as soon as we have it!

    • Hande says:

      No probs. It’s just I was gonna do my Top-10 Favorite Wii games video for YouTube next week and TOMI is gonna be on there. I’m making my decision where it’ll land on the list after I’ve finished the whole game. 🙂

      SBCG4AP is also on there. 😀

  3. Brush Guy says:

    Ahhhh, just after completing Chapter 4, I waited until I was certain it was coming out so that I didn’t have to wait. darn.

  4. Brush Guy says:

    Yay, one more week we have to wait.

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