We like apples; Apple likes us

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In an alternate universe, there are billions of gamers slaving away at their computers, which all have a mysterious apple engraved on it. In our own universe, there are not nearly as many Mac gamers, but it’s still a hefty number.

As evidenced by the Apple Games site, they can also play Monkey Island games on their Apple computers, and since The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition has recently been added to the plethora of Mac games already out there, Apple decided to celebrate it with this article. Of special note is the last section, ‘Of Doom and Rubber Chickens’, in which such quality web sites as The World of Monkey Island, the Monkey Island Wiki, and this blog are mentioned.

That alone merits a read of the article. And if you are in possession of a Mac that is equipped with an Intel processor, you owe it to yourself to get this game from Aspyr (as well as Tales of Monkey Island for the Mac).

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