Weekly Wiki: Old Blind Pew

October 25th, 2011 by | 1 lonely comment

Old Blind Pew (also known in-game as “old dog”) is an old, unwashed dog that Guybrush finds in the Blood Island cemetery. He really does seem to be blind since he wears smoked spectacles and has to sniff around to find treats; Guybrush says he’s “not very social.” He sleeps in a coffin doghouse and appears to be Mort the Gravedigger‘s pet.

In order to cure Griswold Goodsoup‘s hangover, Guybrush has to find “hair of the dog that bit ‘ya.” So he offers Old Blind Pew dog treats (in the regular version) or a half-eaten maggoty biscuit (in the Mega-Monkey challenge). Pew chomps down on it and, during the process, bites his arm. Guybrush is also able to easily get some of Old Blind Pew’s shedding dog hair.

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Weekly Wiki: The Lost Welshman

July 5th, 2011 by | No comments

From eating a sandwich to cracking Myst and Star Wars related jokes, the Lost Welshman displays time and again he is quite a character. More than just peddling unsuspecting commuters between Blood and Skull Island, he’s part of the landscape, perhaps a reason for tourists to visit Blood Island in the first place. Unfortunately for them, the Lost Welshman no longer works there, but if you’re lucky, you may just be served a dish cooked up by him at The Bloody Lip, although nobody really knows if he actually works there or not.

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Weekly Wiki: Pirate Potables

May 24th, 2011 by | 9 comments

Have you taken the time to look through the recipe book Guybrush finds at the Goodsoup Hotel on Blood Island? Perhaps you’re not even sure of the book’s title. Well, it’s called Pirate Potables, and apart from the recipe for the hangover cure, which you need to complete the game, it contains several more recipes, mostly for cocktails. If you’re planning on trying to create the cocktails mentioned in the recipe book, be sure to stock up on Cilantro, since that’s an ingredient required in all the recipes, and it’s actually one of the more everyday ingredients. If you make one of these cocktails, do let us know! That is, if you survive consuming them.

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New rare concept art

April 8th, 2011 by | 5 comments

Bill Tiller has found another of his old sketchbooks, which is fortunate for us, because he posted some Curse of Monkey Island concept art from it. Here’s a list o’ links:

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