Review: Back to the Future: Citizen Brown

March 31st, 2011 by | 5 comments

(No Spoilers! Feel free to read, it’s safe)

After “BTTF – Episode 3: Citizen Brown” ends, one may feel the need to close his eyes, look up and say: Yes! Finally! They’re back on track!

At least that’s what I did…

We have reached the middle of the season and I was genuinely getting worried that I bought a series meant for children. One is able to understand Telltale Games’ approach in this case: big old franchise, let’s not mess it up for new players. Still, this didn’t explain the “Pause/Play Movies” from the previous episodes. Yes, that’s what I am calling them now… “Pause/Play Movies”. The game Pauses at one point, and you need to click on a button to get it going again, like an old VCR-player that keeps jamming.

Thankfully, Episode 3 is not like that…at least, not as much.

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