Weekly Wiki: Three Sheets to the Wind

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The following text is directly copied and pasted from the Monkey Island Wiki. Not because I’m lazy (well, I am, but that’s still now why), but because I can’t rewrite it to sound any better.

Three Sheets to the Wind is a book of poetry, written by various pirates. Upon reading it, Guybrush says it is some of the worst poetry he has ever read. The book is available from the Phatt City Library in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge but has been checked out by Governor Phatt; it rests atop his big belly and Guybrush must replace it with another book in an Indiana-Jones-style switch to keep from awakening the governor when he takes it. The book is necessary for identifying the coffin of Rapp Scallion, as the coffins in Stan‘s Cozy Crypt in the Scabb Island Cemetery are marked only by a famous quotation of the deceased.

Three Sheets to the Wind is also the title of Part III in The Curse of Monkey Island, in which Guybrush must participate in Insult Swordfighting at sea. The phrase “three sheets to the wind” refers to someone who is intoxicated, comparing the drunk to a ship whose sailing sheets have come loose.

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