Weekly Wiki: Ozzie’s House

July 27th, 2011 by | 1 lonely comment

One of the highlights of Lucre Island architecture is the mansion inhabited by Ozzie Mandrill. From the outside, it just looks like any other Caribbean mansion, but once inside, the Australian influences become apparent. Ozzie has filled his home with artifacts from his home country, and he’s particularly proud of his collection of stuffed animals, which has exotic animals such as the platypus, the wombat, and the dingo. Be careful not to spray any of the animals with Eau de LeChuck though – Ozzie doesn’t like that.

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Weekly Wiki: Scupperware

June 15th, 2011 by | 1 lonely comment

Are you having trouble keeping your sea biscuits fresh and crispy? Are you always looking for a place to store your bait? Then Scupperware is for you! This magnificent product should be in every pirate’s kitchen! Check out the special Scupperware promotion at the Lucre Island bank, and see for yourself the amazing properties of the revolutionary Scupperware!

This post was brought to you courtesy of Scupperware.

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Weekly Wiki: Veeblefester9000 RainForest Deluxe

March 22nd, 2011 by | No comments

Are you feeling a bit wobbly on your legs, even if you haven’t touched the grog? It could be a problem with your legs. But have no fear, for one visit to the House o’ Sticks on Lucre Island will set that right! Freddie, the peaceful proprietor, will listen to your needs, suggesting a cane that’s just right for you. For some reason only known to Freddie, that always happens to be the Veeblefester9000 RainForest Deluxe.

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