Horizons: Pirates captured a Romanian Ship Captain

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If I may…

If this was a movie plot, I would probably go see the movie! I’m not too fond of my people, but a Ship Captain which shares the same country origins with me? Sweet!

The situation, however, is not so sweet. Pirates seized an Italian tanker off Benin with a crew of 23 in the Gulf of Guinea Sunday, the Benin navy said. Navy commander Maxime Ahoyo told AFP that after receiving distress signals from the vessel, the navy sent two patrol boats in pursuit of the pirates.

“We are closely monitoring the situation”, he added.

Earlier, the Italian news agency ANSA first reported the capture of the Rbd Anema e Core and its crew comprising 20 Filipino seamen, two Italians and a Romanian captain.

It said three pirates managed to board the ship, which was carrying fuel, 23 nautical miles south of Cotonou, the economic capital of Benin.

I hope those people are okay. This is a bit ironic, really… I can finally brag about someone from my country, the Captain of that tanker… and he gets captured by pirates >.<


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