Horizons: Young Jack Sparrow

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I know we talked about fan films in  another Horizons column, but you guys really need to see this. Wait wait! A short introduction:

There is this series of books called “The Adventures of Young Jack Sparrow”. I never read any of them but someone was inspired enough to put a lot of effort into making a very short clip… with a lot of potential!

If you ever heard of IndyMogul, then you know it is a group of young people who specialize in “training” the film amateurs into making their own props and equipment for cheap. Well, these guys just launched a tribute clip to the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and it is looking brilliant. The actors are good, the choreography is good, the music is original (but you will hear parts inspired from the POTC soundtrack)… what can I say? Nowadays everybody can make a good movie, if they really set their mind to it!

The clip’s title is connected to the books I mentioned earlier, not sure about the story though. Zan Alda, the actor playing Young Jack, is really nailing some of the facial expressions and gestures. I think he can only be topped by AJ Locascio, when it comes to lookalikes and acting. It’s short, it’s fun and it really made me want to see more.

Okay, enough teasing… here’s the clip! What do you think? I do recommend watching it in HD. It’s really worth it.

What about you awesome folks? Did you ever try to make a pirate movie? Or any movie at all? Share your experiences in the comments below and let us know!

Oh, speaking of pirates, I think I found the pirate from Sea For Two in a game-menu! Go here but don’t click on “play”, just wait a bit in the menu-part, and a little ship will appear with a very grumpy and hilarious pirate 😀 Reminds me of him!

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