Horizons: Queen Anne’s Revenge

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Does that name ring a bell? That could be because the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the flagship of the pirate Edward Teach (better known as Blackbeard), plays a part in the new Pirates of the Caribbean film. Now archaeologists have recovered the ship’s anchor from the bottom of the sea, and it’s huge. That’s no surprise really, since the ship itself, boasting 40 guns, was uncommonly powerful, and contributed greatly to Blackbeard’s success. She was originally a French ship used to trade slaves, until Blackbeard captured it in 1717. He then turned the ship into a killing machine by increasing the number of guns from just 14 to 40. In 1718, the ship ran ashore in North Carolina, which was possibly a deliberate act in order to cut down on his pirate crew. The ship whose anchor has now been recovered, is believed to be the Queen Anne’s Revenge, a replica of which you can now see on the silver screen.

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