Weekly Wiki: The Chef

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The Chef of the Scumm Bar is a semi-notable side-character from The Secret of Monkey Island who occupies the bar’s kitchen, only leaving it to ask what the patrons of the bar want. In the game Guybrush has to sneak into the kitchen when the chef is in the front room in order to get the useful inventory items therein.

The Chef is a friend of Otis and during his imprisonment he sneaked food to jail; mostly pork trimmings and rump roast (with tails).

He can later be found crying at the Scumm Bar when LeChuck kidnaps Governor Elaine Marley and scares off all the customers. If the player talks to him he will state the obvious: where LeChuck is hiding, what the player has to do in order to get there and why he has to do it. As the player leaves the Chef will give him some heartfelt advice and start crying uncontrollably.

In the first game he appears to be the only employee under the Scumm Bar’s owner, but in Escape from Monkey Island a second employee, the Scumm Bartender, is also introduced.

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Weekly Wiki: Rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle

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One of the weirdest items in the Monkey Island universe is also one of the most well known: the rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle. Originally found in The Secret of Monkey Island, it’s unclear what its exact purpose is at first, even though it has an entire shop dedicated to selling this peculiar product. Later in the game it is revealed it does serve a purpose, however. And perhaps its biggest contribution is that it’s become ingrained into our collective conscience, earning references in other games and even becoming a universal symbol of the joys of Monkey Island games.

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Horizons: Monkey Island on YouTube

April 23rd, 2011 by | 3 comments

This week I thought we should take a look at some funny and amazing Monkey Island videos on YouTube. Yes, the tube has it all and we’re ready to dive headfirst into it. Join me after the break for a guy on a unicycle playing Monkey Island music on bagpipes, concerts, Grog XD, and much more all in the name of Monkey Island!

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The Secret of the Isle of Monkey

April 1st, 2011 by | 2 comments

A very funny cartoon has just been put up over at Edd Egg. It’s a sort of interactive cartoony thing aka game, and it’s obviously based on The Secret of Monkey Island, but with a twist. Do give it a spin! (Thanks to gnomeslair for linking to it, otherwise I may never have known of its existence, thereby not being able to share it with you!)

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Weekly Wiki: Pirate Leaders

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Ah, the pirate leaders. Some would say they are good-for-nothing, grog-swilling ne’er-do-wells, but say what you will, without them, Guybrush might never have become a pirate. They mentored our favourite pirate wannabe all throughout his quest… from behind their comfortable table in the Scumm Bar. Fun fact: in the Special Edition of The Secret of Monkey Island, one of the pirate leaders was voiced by Denny Delk, who is of course famous for voicing Murray.

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It really does belong in a museum!

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Video games are getting the recognition they deserve, with an exhibition at the Smithsonian. Among the five playable games is… The Secret of Monkey Island. Yes, it’s that good. In addition, you can vote for other games you’d want to be included – among the possible choices is Grim Fandango, another masterpiece from the days when LucasArts were busier with the second half of their name than with the first.

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