We’re taking a break

November 1st, 2011 by | 11 comments

Hello loyal readers. The staff behind this blog (Haggis, SilverWolfPet, and myself) have decided to take a break and put the blog on hiatus. There isn’t much Monkey Island news these days and while we tried to keep the blog alive with different reviews and articles reaching beyond Monkey Island we found out that that is not where our passion lies. We might resurrect this blog if a sequel to ‘Tales of Monkey Island‘ is announced or Ron Gilbert gets the opportunity to make his version of Monkey Island 3. Until then, we hope you enjoyed the blog and take care 🙂


Haggis, SilverWolfPet, & Dalixam

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Something of the Thread: Dear LucasArts…

March 6th, 2011 by | No comments

This week in Something of the Thread, I want to draw your attention to a letter to LucasArts that you can help write, asking them to make a new Monkey Island game, or to hand the rights to Telltale. The action started on the Telltale forums, and has now spread to our forums, thanks to SilverWolfPet. Additionally, angeldeb82 has made a game script for the first Tales chapter, and you can talk about the best bits in Escape from Monkey Island, or about the Monkey Island universe as a whole.

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